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Tue to Fri: 10:00 am — 6:00 pm
Sat: 6:00 am — 2:00 pm


Salontra Select Suites Maryland City Plaza 3407 Laurel Fort Meade Rd Laurel, Md 20724 Suite #51

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    1. Arriving more than 14 minutes late will result in a surcharge of $25. Please note that the grace period of 14 minutes is a courtesy and may not be honored depending on arrival time. We do stress that you please arrive on time.

    2. After 15 minutes, the appointment will be canceled—there are NO exceptions.

    3. Salon guests that do not show up for their appointment and fail to cancel will be charged 100% of services booked.

    1. There are NO refunds.

    2. All deposits are final and under no circumstance will they be refunded. If you would rather reschedule your appointment, click the link located in the initial email confirmation you received to reschedule and follow the directions. Please note, appointments cannot be rescheduled if the date and time has already passed or the scheduled appointment is less than 48 hours away.

    3. If you cancel your appointment less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled date and time, you will be charged 50% of services booked.

    1. We accept all major credit cards. We do not accept mobile payment services such as Cash App, Vemo, or any other third-party apps/services.

    2. New clients must book a consultation appointment with the salon before booking a service.

    1.There is a 24-hour period after services are rendered to express dissatisfaction. Once notification has been acknowledged via email, a correction appointment will be scheduled. Any notification of dissatisfaction after the initial 24-hours will be acknowledged, however any corrections made will incur a charge.

    2. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, masks are to be worn at all times within the salon. Click here to read more about our COVID-19 policy.

    3. No children or added guests are allowed.

    4. We do not service anyone under the age of 18.

    5. Please note that there may be some video recording and/or pictures taken during appointments that would be for marketing and social media promotional use only and by booking with Glenn Roy the Salon you acknowledge and give full consent of having photos and/or videos used.

    1. Glenn Roy the Salon’s primary method of communicating with salon guests is via email. We will respond in less than 24 hours to all serious inquiries, questions, bookings, or other matters.

    2. When booking, please enter a valid email address that is checked often. In the event of an emergency or if we need to contact you for anything regarding your appointment, we will only do so via email.

    3. The appointment confirmation/reminder via text and email is a preprogrammed feature via our booking system for your convenience. We will not contact you via the phone number provided when booking.

    4. Please be advised that Glenn Roy the Salon uses an automated reminder platform to send information via text; please note that this platform does not allow responses and any texts salon guests send back via the number will not be received by the salon.