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Please note, prices listed above are base prices and are subject to change based on the length and/or thickness of hair


Stylish hair cuts, gorgeous styling, incredible color services and best hair treatments.

Salon Services
Shampoo and Style $100

Please note that when booking this service, the price is a starting price only. Price may increase due to length and/of thickness of hair. (60 min)

Styling & Weave Maintenance $60

This service is for clients who extensions were installed by Glenn only
(1 hr 30 min)

A Trim Service No Styling $60

This is an appointment for those that just want to have a trim with no styling done. (45 min)

Protein Treatment (Add-on service) $35

Protein treatment
+15 minutes @ $35.00

Steam Treatment (Add-on service) $30

Steam treatment +15 minutes @ $30.00

Trim/Cut (Add-on service) $25

Trim/Cut +15 minutes @ $25.00

Chemical Services

Get professional chemical services, whether for color highlights, retouches and everything in between so you can be your confident self.


This is for all forms or color, highlights, color retouches, etc. Do not book this service if you have not been directly instructed by Glenn. This service requires a consultation. Pricing is discussed during consultation only

No Lift Color. $180

This service is for clients that request dark colors such as dark brown or jet black. This service is for grey coverage, or just to refresh dark color. There is no consultation required to book this appointment. Styling included. ( 1 hr 30 min)


Traditional Install $250

This is a traditional extensions install (Sewin with leave out) . Price includes shampoo, install ,cut and styling. We do not remove any extensions, you must arrive to the appointment with your hair fully detangled and ready to be shampooed. If you are reusing hair, the hair MUST be shampooed, fully dry and organized by length. Wefts that have been cut excessively will not be installed. Hair Not Included. by booking this appointment you agree to terms and conditions. ( 3 hr )

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Consultation $25

This is required prior to booking Color services. consultation appointments are to discuss Color,Hairs current condition, as well as all healthy hair options with Glenn. During the consultation that are specifically for color, a patch test and strand test will be performed as part of the process to ensure you are a color candidate. Please arrive to this appointment with your hair brushed out and fully detangled. No weaves, braids, twist, wigs, etc


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